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History of Company Activities and Advancements
  • Cascade Prospect Update: Sept 2013

    With potential for 270 million clean tons in-place, the Cascade Prospect is one of the best remaining thermal coal deposits suitable for longwall mining along the Ohio River. Several portal access points are possible on the River and four coal-fired power plants lie within five miles of the reserve. The Cascade coal can be marketed as a mine mouth product, shipped by barge to coal-fired power plants along the navigable waterways of the Eastern US, or for overseas export via New Orleans.

    Key Points and New Developments of Cascade Prospect:
    • Estimated in-place clean tons resources have nearly doubled from 150 million tons to 270 million tons (48 inch seam height minimum cutoff);
    • Potential acreage, with minable resources, has increased from 16,000 to 31,000 acres;
    • More than 10,000 acres are controlled by one entity and Evergreen believes it can assist in expediting a lease/purchase agreement with the mineral owner;
    • Evergreen can provide turn-key services if client desires;
    • Evergreen is open to a variety of deal structures and is confident that one can be found to meet the client’s needs.

    Coal Deposit Characteristics:
    • Resources are a strong candidate for longwall mine development;
    • Seam depth ranges from 600 feet at the river and averages 750 feet:
    • Total seam Height established by coring ranges from a maximum of 89 inches to an average of 67 inches;
    • The mine roof is consistent and is a competent shale;
    • The reserve size is large enough to support a long term financial investment;
    • A weighted average of washability @ 1.60 sg. of nine cores on a dry basis is as follows:

        o Recovery 80.2%
        o Ash 6.7%
        o Sulfur 1.3%
        o Btu 13,604
        o SO2 1.97
  • News: March 2013

    In March of 2013, Steve Capelli gave a presentation at the Platts 21st Annual Coal Properties & Investments conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The paper was a case study titled Newly Found Coal Reserves in Central Appalachia.
  • News: Undated

    Ed Rehbein, member and geologist, continues to revise the existing coal prospects as additional geologic data is obtained and in early 2013, Ed revised the Keystone South prospect and completed work on a new prospect, Gateway, an Upper Freeport reserve of over 60 million clean in-place tons in Green County, PA.
  • News: 2012-2013

    During 2012 and through the first half of 2013, Evergreen has concentrated on identifying met reserves and Evergreen has extensively evaluated the Upper Freeport seam in western PA and northern WV along with the Sewell seam in north-central WV.
  • Update: 2012

    Through 2012 and on-going today, development continues at the Pinewood prospect with leasing, additional exploration work, surface facility design and mine permitting.
  • News: April 2011

    In April 2011, Evergreen contracted with a client to develop the Pinewood coal prospect. This estimated 12,000 acre reserve contains the Upper Freeport and Kittanning seams. After budget approval in May, core drill sites were identified and title search, along with drilling permission from land owners, began. Two prospect permits were obtained in July and seven core holes were drilled and e-logged and the coal was analyzed. The coal reserve proved to be mineable as projected and the client plans to develop the reserve for mining. Evergreen handed over the development management to the client in November 2011. Since then, the client has conducted additional title search and exploration work. Moreover, the client has begun mine permitting and has the reserve in its future mine plans.

  • Update: Fall 2010

    In late 2010, Evergreen contracted with a client to explore the 29,000 acre Omega coal prospect. After title work, right of entry agreements signed, core drilling and analyzing the coal seam, it was confirmed, as projected, that the coal reserve is present. The coal seam is now correlated to be the Sewell seam with the quality of a low ash, low-sulfur, high vol B, metallurgic coal. This coal prospect is available for development to a new client.

  • News: Undated

    Evergreen purchased over 7,000 acres of coal and coalbed methane leases from Constellation Energy in March of 2009. These leases were first taken by Amvest Minerals and then transferred to Constellation with the purchase of the Amvest oil and gas division. The leases are primarily located in the central part of the Riverside coal prospect with a few leases on the Goldenrod prospect.

  • Update: Fall 2008

    A contract to explore the 12,000 acre Goldenrod coal prospect was executed in late 2008. This led to a comprehensive title search and a four hole exploration program. The title search proved positive, as did the core drilling. As projected, the Pittsburgh seam was proved to be minable. This coal prospect is available for development to a new client.

  • Update: Fall 2008

    In the fall of 2008, Evergreen teamed up with a client to explore the Upper Freeport seam at the 30,000 acre Keystone coal prospect. The drilling proved the seam to be present, mineable and the coal to be a high vol A, metallurgic coal. This coal prospect is available for development to a new client.

  • News: November 2007

    The company was incorporated as a member-managed LLC in November, 2007. The original organizing members were Ed Rehbein, geologist, LA Gates, owner of LA Gates Company and Steve Capelli, owner of Capelli Mining Engineering, Inc. Steve Capelli is the operating manager. In May of 2012, Pete Lilly, former President of Consol Energy, joined the company as a member and advisor to the company.